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Posted on 2007.07.16 at 01:54
Oh my goodness.
Harry Potter!
I have been geeking out over Harry Potter.
It's getting closer you know.
There will be an epilogue that hopefully won't have Penelope Clearwater in it.
Though I've discovered that she's not a bad character if she isn't being written by bitter Percy Oliver shippers.
But I like bitter Percy Oliver shippers.
So yeah.
Furthermore klezmer music is the bomb.
I being in that 1% of people who listen to klezmer  and aren't Jewish sadly can NOT understand it but thaaaaat's okay.

I should write fics so I actually get commenters.


Guess what!

Posted on 2007.06.28 at 10:06
I'm making a real entry.
'Cause I can!!
I've discovered that I get sucked into fandoms really easily. Sometimes (read often) ones I haven't even seen.
Of course then I want to see them. Or read them. Or whatever the case might be!
People usually have entries that are longer than this. By people I mean you. I am such a stalker. And I stalk everyone. Not that I really stalk that would take waaaaaaay too much effort, but, yeah, I'm kind of a creepy person.
In other news, a friend called me a repressed gay man. Which is untrue. And then me and my other friend had conversation about it, which is true, that I will now post to lengthen this entry.

Me: Trey called me a repressed gay man. After the party over the internet.
Her: A repressed gay man? [is very confused]
Her: Somehow that phrase sounds realllllly familiar.
Her: [is straining her brain]
Me: . . .
Her: . . .
Me: Have you found anything yet?
Her: In the coves of my brain?
Her: Not yet. Maybe it's reminding me of Colby being a male lesbian.
Me: Which was a compliment and I wasn't saying he liked men!
Her: Yeah, but that's the only thing that's kinda reminding me of that phrase. Other than that my mind goes Phhhtb.
Her: But you're totally not a repressed gay man.
Me: Yeah. 'Cause if I was a gay man, I wouldn't be repressed.
Her: Would you be flamboyant?
Me: I would be like me. But male.



Posted on 2007.03.09 at 22:17
So, I have an LJ finally.
Hitherto I'd been reading fanfics on here without actually having one, but I felt the urge to comment finally.
That's probably all I'll be using this to do.
I'll also show off my grammar skills.
I do enjoy grammar. It's rather tasty.

I have a story!
Screen names are really hard to think of.
At first I tried being eloquent and poetic and stuff.
Everything was taken.
I got to the point of almost being polio_sucks which is a horrible screen name.
I have no idea where excess_vowels came from.
At the least vowels are better than polio.

Er... The end?

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